Enable SSH in Raspberry Pi without a monitor

If you are trying to setup your Raspberry Pi ( Running Raspbian ) without a monitor, you might be in for a surprise. Well, the new Raspbian versions do not have SSH enabled by default, and for good reason. Most people who setup a RaspberryPi do not even change the... [Read More]
Tags: RaspberryPi, SSH, Raspbian

Using cron in Docker containers ( Kubernetes )

When it comes to Docker containers, even a simple task can be pretty confusing, like the cron jobs. I know it was confusing for me at least. And I had to spent a lot of time scratching my head because my cron job just won’t start. [Read More]
Tags: Docker, Container, GCE, Kubernetes, Cron

Installing WordPress in Docker using Nginx and Php-Fpm 7

It is evident that you don’t need an introduction to Docker, WordPress or Nginx. So there is no point whatsoever in blabbering about each of these technologies, let’s just jump right into the matter. [Read More]
Tags: Nginx, php-fpm, php7, WordPress, Docker, Container

Logging in Golang using logrus

If you just started out with Golang, you’d find it a bit difficult to handle logging with the default pacakge log Don’t get me wrong, it’s powerful and all, but for a beginner, you have to do a lot of stuff manually. For example, it doesn’t have log levels like... [Read More]
Tags: Go, Golang, Logging, Logrus