Note: For this to work, your source phone has to be a rooted Android device

TL;DR : Github Repository

Till last week, I was using the Lastpass Authenticator app as my main multifactor OTP generator. The main reason why I went with it was that it allows backing up of your OTP codes ( I know I know, it’s a bad idea to put all your eggs in one basket and put your OTP in the cloud - That’s what I’m getting into)

But, I had to switch phone and for some reason, LastPass Authenticator’s backup functionality was not working. It simply refused to backup my accounts. I turned on my optimist mode and thought that it’s a good thing. Because, since forever, I wanted to move from Lastpass authenticator to an offline app, preferrably open source.

The search for a FOSS OTP app begins

So I started searching for a decent Open source TOTP app. I turned to the reddit gods and I wasn’t disappointed. Someone at /r/fossdroid mentioned about FreeOTP and it looked promising. But, I wasn’t extremely impressed with the UI.

Search continued and I found the winner: andOTP. It had better UI and an option to have encrypted local backups.

Now comes the hard part

I have to switch ~15 accounts from old phone’s app(Lastpass authenticator) to the new one. I actually thought of logging into each account and switching the authenticator app one by one. That would work, but would be extremely painful. So, as always, I decided to look for easier ways.

The Solution!!

Internet never disappoints and I found a Github repository with information on how to do it for Google Authenticator. I forked the repo, made some changes and voila! It worked. All my accounts from the Lastpass authenticator has been now copied to the new phone with andOTP.

The beauty of it? You can use it on any authenticator app.

How to do it?

It’s quite simple. The only requirement that’s a bit hard is that your old phone has to be a rooted Android device. iOS users, I’m sorry, you’re on your own.

If you’re still interested, head over to my Github Repository