Ever typed a long command wrong in your terminal and you were like “What the F**k?” Well, maybe not. Today, I’m gonna introduce you guys to this awesome, super cool tool called “thef*ck” ( Replace the * with a ‘u’ 😛 ). What it does is awesome, if there is an error in the previous command you entered, all you have to do is type “f*ck” ( again, replace * with ‘u’ ) in the terminal window and it will correct the command for you. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well it is pretty cool.

Wanna see the tool in action? Check this GIF HERE. I bet you liked that one. 😀 You can find the project in HERE

How to install thef*ck in your computer

You’re gonna need a Linux machine for this to work. This is how you will install it

```# Install the python development packages sudo apt-get install python-dev

Install python pip

sudo apt-get install python-pip

Install the setuptools module

sudo pip install setuptools

Install thefuck

sudo pip install thefuck

Once that is installed, open your .bashrc file

gedit ~/.bashrc

Now paste the following at the end of the file and press Ctrl+S to

save it

eval $(thefuck –alias)

If you’re not comfortable with using the ‘F’ word, add another alias in

your .bashrc and make it “Family friendly”

I have the following entry in my .bashrc

alias fcuk=’fuck’

Sorry about that, I can’t censor it, otherwise it won’t work 😀```

And this is how it looks in action..